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The Drive Safer NJ program is essential for the success and safety of new drivers. Did you know that an average of 12% of distracted drivers involved in fatal car accidents are teenagers?¬† Between the ages of 15 -19. We will help prepare them in our drive safer NJ programs. This is merely one of the reasons why a driver’s education is so important. It is essential for young adults to learn how to drive safely.

By driving safe we aren’t simply referring to reduced speed or proper hand placement on the steering wheel. It involves a number of other crucial factors from proper traffic awareness to optimal technical knowledge and safety measures.

Safe driving must be developed as soon as a young driver’s first few driver’s ed courses. Driver safety represents one of our highest concerns and it is specifically prioritized by all our instructors. We place value on a strong foundation and believe therefore in preparing all of our students to have one as well.

Student Environment

Great emphasis is being placed on creating a safe environment for our students. Where they can learn the proper way to drive. Safe driving represents our most important priority when it comes to driver’s ed courses. And given that driving and traffic itself can sometimes be unpredictable and hazardous. We take great care of our student’s safety. By offering there first driving lessons in safer, less condensed areas, designed for beginner drivers.

We firmly believe that teaching and equipping our students. With a set of safety, principles will result in better drivers. That will participate in traffic in a more calm, calculated and controlled manner.  We took into consideration the countless distractions.

Especially in our modern digital era. We have created a number of principles for efficiently dealing with distractions while driving. Proper driver awareness is a skill developed with years of actual driving experience. However, we support our students in becoming the safest drivers once they graduate. To be able to further develop in a safe and effective way.




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